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Red Dog Sports 10* NHL TOTAL (only $19.99)

RED DOG SPORTS is 9-5 (64%) in their last 14 NHL plays and 4-0 in totals. They have a 10* TOTAL going in Game Six on SUNDAY between COLORADO vs. TAMPA BAY for just $19.99. OVER or UNDER?


$$ MASSIVE TOP PLAY Alert in Game 6 of the Finals WITH 100% Subset $$


On Sunday Night Rob outs your book on Ice with a HUGE AND INCLUDED 100% PLAYOFF SYSTEM and a all time game 6 historical angle. Put the POWER of the most DEVASTATING DATA in the Industry on your side

Tests 100% run! 10* NHL *PERFECTION PLAY*

STRONGEST PLAY of the ENTIRE SEASON for HOCKEY GURU Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach was +160 DOG WINNER Friday with Tampa Bay! He also had BIG WIN by score of 6-2 Monday, HUGE 2022 RESUMES Saturday after overall 2-3 Saturday! NHL Tops now 48 games over .500 and UP $77,820! This situation supported by angle that is 4-0 / 100% L4! Time for 5 IN A ROW!

10-4 / 71% RUN! NHL 10* GAME OF THE YEAR!

ASA went 1-1 Saturday cashing their GAME OF THE MONTH side in MLB but falling short with their day game total in MLB. Sunday offers their next HUGE OPPORTUNITY with a side play and just like the Giants in MLB Saturday, look for this play to WIN HUGE in the NHL Sunday! ASA has cashed 2 of their last 3 GOYs in NHL. In all sports GOY/TOY are 10-4 L14!

Fargo's 10* NHL Game of the Week (382-335 +$18,291)

Matt is coming off a win with Tampa Bay on Friday and the winning continues Sunday. He is 7-3 in his last 10 NHL Plays and he is 382-335 +$18,291 in the NHL since the start of the 2018 season and he keeps it rolling with his NHL Game of the Week! Do not miss out and get on it now! Grab a subscription and do not miss a single play!

Alex Smart Sports- NHL Rare ML/Total Parlay

The Tampa Bay Lightning and the Colorado Avs do battle in Game 6 of their Stanley Cup play off series this Sunday. Join me as I prepare to make the books pay via. rare ML/Total parlay. Get the info the books doo want you to have. Tests 5-0 NHL ML run and a 6-2 Totals run/! Puck drops after 8:15 pm et