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Rob V: 5* NBA 100% Court Crusher with 100% Database System

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20* Warriors/Mavs TNT No-Brainer! (#1 NBA All-Time, 156-97 NBA Run)

No. 1 Ranked Overall Capper All-Time! Jack Jones has absolutely CRUSHED the books over the past 6 years! He is riding a 3222-2766 Run L1906 Days on all premium plays that has seen his $1,000/game players cash in $216,480! He is currently the No. 5 Ranked Overall Capper in 2022 as well with his $1,000/game players up $65,430 this year alone!

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Stephen Nover's NBA November Game of the Month - 41-21 NBA Run!

Stephen Nover has been sizzling in the NBA since the end of last season going 41-21 on his last 62 premium/free plays for 66 percent. Stephen is at his finest on his biggest NBA plays going 55-34-1 on his Games of the Month/Week/Year plays. He's found his November Game of the Month on Tuesday's card. Ride Stephen's expertise, elite analysis and hot hand to another big-play winner!

20* Knicks/Pistons NBA Sharp Money Premium Play **60% L172 NBA**

**#8 Ranked NBA Capper**
**#13 Ranked Overall Capper**

**#2 Ranked NBA Capper in 2010-11**
**#4 Ranked NBA Capper in 2012-13**
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**#2 Ranked Overall Capper in 2017**
**#7 Ranked Overall Capper in 2016**
**#7 Ranked Overall Capper in 2019**
**#9 Ranked Overall Capper in 2013**
**#10 Ranked Overall Capper in 2008**
**#10 Ranked Overall Capper in 2009**

Steve Janus is a proven expert in the NBA! He's working on a 60% (104-68) Over L172 NBA Picks! This hot streak has his $1,000 Players Up $29,380!

Tuesday 6* Widow Wiseguy on Warriors/Mavs!

Black Widow is Ranked #6 in NBA This Season
Black Widow is Ranked #17 in All Sports This Season

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Follow Black Widow on the Warriors/Mavs matchup Tuesday as he looks to improve on a 180-131 (58%) run over his last 318 NBA selections.

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Lock Club's Tuesday NBA Winner on Warriors v. Mavs!

**#3 ranked NBA in 2014-15**
**#6 ranked NBA in 2013-14**
**#7 ranked NBA in 2015-16**
**#8 ranked NBA in 2010-11**
**#8 ranked NBA in 2012-13**
**#8 ranked NBA in 2016-17**
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**#3 ranked Overall in 2015**
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Rocky's Lock Club is on an impressive 761-625 (55%) run over his last 1405 NBA picks! Lock Club is one of the MOST CONSISTENT sports services in the world and has won $1,000/game bettors $87,220 since May 06, 2012. Tonight they have the Spread on Warriors v. Mavs!

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R&R Totals TOP NBA Over-Under Tuesday *37-20 Run*!

**#10 ranked NBA in 2018-19**
**#2 ranked Overall in 2015**
**#8 ranked Overall in 2011**
**#9 ranked Overall in 2008**

R&R Totals has a TOP NBA Over-Under for Tuesday! Now an impressive 37-20 (65%) over his last 60 NBA picks! Join us and make money like the $1,000 per game clients who are up $14,950 since April 28, 2022!

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Pure Lock's TOP NBA Play Tuesday *450-374 Run*!

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**#9 ranked Overall in 2011**

Pure Lock has a TOP OVERALL play available on Tuesday on the Knicks/Pistons. Pure Lock is mainly known for his selectivity in handicapping all sports and normally releases one pick per sport per day or passes! QUALITY over Quantity here. Currently on an impressive 450-374 (55%) run over his last 842 OVERALL picks! $1,000 per game players have CASHED $27,950 since August 02, 2021!

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Mikey Sports NBA Play for Tuesday *184-152 Run*!

**#6 ranked NBA in 2011-12**
**#9 ranked NBA in 2009-10**
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**#6 ranked Overall in 2009**
**#7 ranked Overall in 2011**

Mikey Sports has been on an INCREDIBLE 184-152 (55%) RUN over his last 350 NBA picks! He has now made $1,000/game bettors $18,580 in profits since December 13, 2019. Join Mikey Sports with his Spread for Tuesday on Knicks v. Pistons!

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Chip’s Triple-Play of NBA Best Bets

Chip Chirimbes, Las Vegas Hilton Champion and Big-Game Player is 11-5 68% ATS with his last 16 Highest-Rated NBA Megabucks. Tuesday receive Chip’s Triple-Play of NBA Best Bet winner including his ‘Highest-Rated’ Megabucks winner between Golden State and Dallas, his Money Game winner between the LA Clippers and Portland and his Power Play winner between New York and Detroit. Get it all for just $69.

Chips Top-Rated NBA Power Play Winner

Chip Chirimbes, Las Vegas Hilton Champion and Big-Game Player was 1-0 in NBA action Monday winning his Highest-Rated Megabucks Chicago (+1.5) 114-107 OUTRIGHT over Utah and he is now 11-5 68% with his last 16 NBA Megabucks releases. Tuesday, Chip has posted a Top-Rated Power Play release between New York and Detroit. Get this Power Play for just $39 or part of his Triple-Play of NBA Best Bets!

Chip’s Highest-Rated NBA Megabucks Winner

Chip Chirimbes, Las Vegas Hilton Champion and Big-Game Player was 1-0 in NBA action Monday winning his Highest-Rated Megabucks Chicago (+1.5) 114-107 OUTRIGHT over Utah and he is now 11-5 68% with his last 16 NBA Megabucks releases. Chip is streaking once again in NBA action  and has posted his Highest-Rated NBA Megabucks winner Tuesday between Golden State and Dallas. Get this Highest-Rated Megabucks Best Bet winner for just $49 or as part of Chip’s Triple-Play of NBA Best Bet winners.


A bad overall effort on Monday (1-3) including a rare loss in NBA. But we look to bounce back on Tuesday with this "DYNAMITE" selection on TNT! Remember, since the start of last season, I am up $20K with NBA selections!

**438-334 NBA Run** Dave's 7* Warriors/Mavs Western Conf *HEAVY HITTER*!

**4X Top 10 NBA Handicapper!** Dave was the #1 NBA Capper (2011-12) and he is riding a 909-718 NBA Run over the long haul that has his $1,000/game investors up $137,870! That includes a 438-334 NBA Run! He finished as the #6 NBA Capper in 2018-19 and followed it up as the #6 NBA Capper in 2019-20! Hop on board for Dave's 7* Warriors/Mavs Western Conference *HEAVY HITTER* for only $39.95 Tuesday! He has pinpointed the winning side in this matchup tonight ladies and gents! Dave's selection is <...

Rocketman Sports NBA Play of the Day Tuesday! *92-60 Run*!

**#4 ranked NBA in 2009-10**
**#7 ranked NBA in 2020-21**
**#3 ranked Overall in 2009**
**#3 ranked Overall in 2010**
**#6 ranked Overall in 2008**
**#9 ranked Overall in 2012**
**#10 ranked Overall in 2021**

Rocky Atkinson has his NBA Play of the Day for Tuesday. One of the BEST HANDICAPPERS in the world is on an impressive 92-60 61% NBA run over his last 157 picks! Join the same handicapper that has made $1,000/game bettors $26,400 since January 30, 2021 with his Spread on Knicks v. Pistons!

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**OFF 3-0 SWEEP, 13-4 L4 DAYS!** 10* ASSASSIN!

Off a PERFECT 3-0 SWEEP, highlighted by another MASSIVE 10* victory in the NBA in the Lakers "under" the number, AAA Sports is now a SIZZLING 13-4 with ALL plays the L4 days!

And now they go STRAIGHT for the books jugular on Tuesday night, more determined than ever to close out November on a MASSIVE winning run, so don't even consider missing out!

ASA's NBA TNT Blowout TV Game *32-15 HEATER*

ASA is off 2-2 Monday and WON NBA after WON their CBB AGAIN Sunday. Tough loss Monday in CBB as Seattle had a bad shooting night. Having WON AGAIN in NBA Monday plus nailing STEELERS in NFL Monday, HOT MOMENTUM resumes Tuesday so expect BIG NBA WINNER here! All sides across all sports currently on 32-15 RUN for 68% WINNERS! NBA dominance long-term is WELL DOCUMENTED and all basketball picks long-term 113 games over .500 and UP $52,030! Here ASA adds to the 32-15 HEATER!

*Warriors/Mavericks* - 5 Unit BEST BET - *TNT at 7:40 EST*

*Top 10 Overall Capper 4 of L6 Years!*

*#1 Ranked NBA Capper in 2016-17!*

*#3 Ranked NBA Capper in 2012-13!*

*#8 Ranked NBA Capper in 2021-22!*

*#8 Ranked NBA Capper in 2014-15!*

*#9 Ranked NBA Capper in 2019-20!*

*3191-2847 Basketball Run! ($1,000/game bettors up $120,650)*

*1696-1504 NBA Run! ($1,000/game bettors up $80,710)*

I am riding a 339-279 NBA Run! Come bet with a FORMER NBA WORLD CHAMP ...

Scott's NBA TNT Annihilation **REVENGE ROUT**

Scott was 1-0 NBA but overall 1-5 Monday. He had just wrapped up, in all sports combined, another big weekend. 2nd straight weekend where he won both Saturday and Sunday. Overall, went 22-11 the last 2 weekends. That said, he is FIRED UP after a rough overall day. He vows VENGEANCE on Tuesday and when The Bulldog is seeing RED it almost always leads to his loyal followers seeing GREEN! Tuesday is PAYBACK DAY and he is ready to make it 3 IN A ROW in NBA with his **REVENGE ROUT** TNT ANNIHILATION!

Fargo's NBA Tuesday Enforcer (7-4 NBA Run)

It has been a FANTASTIC stretch for Fargo since early September and after a Jazz loss, he is still on a 7-4 run and is back on Tuesday to keep it going. He showed a profit last NBA regular season as he went 72-58 (+$9,380) and he is ready for another big season in 2022-23. Here, Matt has his NBA Signature Enforcer and he wins this one GOING AWAY. Grab a subscription package so you do not miss a play as it is time to build your bankroll with every sport in full force as we gear up for ...

Razor’s 9* NBA ATS Silent ASSAS$IN!*136-105 Run*!

As always, this play comes 100% GUARANTEED! We MUST SHOW A PROFIT or else you will get tomorrow's PREMIUM NBA picks on us!

**#3 ranked NBA in 2018-19!**
**#3 ranked Overall in 2013!**
**#8 ranked Overall in 2010!**

Spread winner posted on Knicks v. Pistons! Ray Monohan is on an impressive 136-105 (56%) run over his last 243 NBA picks! If you are one of Razor's $1,000/game bettors he has made you $21,030 since January 25, 2021! Join us today & start making P-R-O-F-I-T-$ 1-day at a time.

Alex Smart Sports- NBA Sharp Money Late Steam ( Side)

 The Dallas Mavericks host the Golden State Warriors in NBA  action this Tuesday  night. Which side has the edge? Your answer is locked and loaded and ready to make the books pay for taking our action. Tips after 7:30 pm et  

**#2 NBA (9x Top 10 NBA)** 5* NBA - Knicks/Pistons WISEGUY Top Play

**9x Top 10 Ranked NBA Capper (#6 NBA Capper Last Year)** Jeff Alexander can't wait to exploit the books in the NBA this year! 

**#2 Ranked NBA Capper All-Time** 

Unload on your bookie with Jeff's 5* NBA - Knicks/Pistons WISEGUY Top Play!

Jeff GUARANTEES TO PROFIT or you get Jeff's next NBA card absolutely FREE!

100* NBA Game of the Night!!

No. 4 ranked NBA handicapper this season!

Nobody and I mean NOBODY DOMINATES NBA like Bobby does and he is LOCKED and LOADED to do so again on Tuesday!

Coming off a recent 47-35 (57%) Overall run and ready to keep the profits piling up tonight.

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Tuesday Premium NBA Pick - Warriors/Mavs (Spread)

Premium selection by Calvin King for Tuesday on the Spread for Warriors v. Mavs!

**#19 ranked NBA handicapper on this site!**
**#18 ranked Overall handicapper on this site!**

All packages come guaranteed to show a profit or the next day of NBA picks will be added to your account free of charge.



Ricky's Records: (As of 11/11/2022)

- 450-341 +$13,720 Overall in 2022

- 359-245 +$50,462 Overall in 2020

- 45-26 +$15,190 All Top Rated in 2022.